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Canterville Chase

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Canterville Chase

Это веселое и увлекательное произведение по мотивам романа О.Уайльда «Кентервильское привидение». Существование привидений всегда волновало людей, этот рассказ о том как семейство Отисов не только не испугалось привидения, но и пыталось бороться с ним. Рекомендовано для чтения в 3-6 классах.

Canterville Chase

The Canterville family has lived in Canterville Chase for hundreds of years. An American gentleman, by the name of Hiram B. Otis bought the house, and although warned by Lord Canterville about the ghost, he moved his family into the house .

Mr Otis is married to Lucretia, who was known to all New York as a very beautiful woman when she was young, with fine eyes and rich brown hair. They have four children, Mr Otis called the first of them Washington in a moment of patriotic enthusiasm. Virginia is the second, she is a lovely girl with large blue eyes, and is fifteen. The third and fourth children are the twins1, they are very naughty, and love to play jokes2 on people, much to their mother's embarrassment.


"Mr Otis, I think you should know, before you buy the house, that it is haunted by Sir Simon de Canterville, who lived here over three hundred years ago, when Queen Elizabeth the First was on the throne. The ghost is very frightening, and has scared many relatives and guests, some fell ill and died as a result."

"My family and I aren't scared of ghosts, but thank you for warning us. I will take the ghost and all the furniture in the house at a fixed price."

On their first day in their new house the family were having tea in the library, when Mrs Otis noticed a dark mark on the floor. She asked Mrs Umney, the servant1 about it.

"That is the blood of Lady Eleanore de Canterville, who was murdered by her husband in 1575, here in the library."

"Well I don't like blood stains2, please make sure it is washed off."

"It can't be cleaned, we have tried many times, but it always comes back."

"Of course it can be cleaned!" laughed Washington Otis, and he fetched a bottle of Pinkerton's Champion Stain Remover, and set to work. In a moment the stain was gone. "Here you are, I knew remover would do it". As he said these words there was a flash of lightening, and a crash of thunder.

"What a terrible climate!" said Washington.

Sir Simon de Canterville

The family slept several hours, when they heard the sound of metal chains, Mr Otis put on his dressing gown, and went out into the corridor. The ghost was looking terrible, his eyes were red and he was very dirty. Mr Otis, who was very angry, said,

"My dear Sir, I really must insist on your oiling those chains." Leaving a small bottle of oil, Mr Otis turned around, and went back to bed. Another door opened, and two pillows flew out, only just missing the ghost's head. There was no time to lose, the poor ghost flew through the wall, and escaped1 to his room. Never in over three hundred years he felt insulted. The Americans were not afraid of him. What could he do? The ghost was very angry and promised to take revenge2.

"That stain just keeps on coming back, despite the fact that I lock the room every night", said Mr Otis.

"Have you noticed that it seems to be changing colour?" replied his wife.

"Does it? Anyway, time for bed", and they all left the library.

About two hours later, they were all woken by a most terrible crash, coming from downstairs. When they got to the hall

they found a large suit of armour1 lying on the stone floor, and nearby was the ghost, sitting in a chair, rubbing2 his knees, with an expression of great pain on his face. Mr Otis pointed his gun at him, and ordered him to put his hands up. The ghost leaped up, screaming with rage, and flew through the family, putting out the candles, and disappeared up the stairs. At the top he stopped, and laughed in a terrible way, the whole house shook with the sound.

"I'm afraid you're far from well," said Mrs Otis, "and I brought you a bottle of Dr Dobell's excellent medicine. If it is indigestion you will find it most useful."

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